The new SimShaker Wings: An Interview with developer Andrey

The new SimShaker Wings: An Interview with developer Andrey

In this interview, Andrey Ogleznev, the developer of the SimShaker, an amazing software addition to our force-feedback pads, explains the new application called SimShaker Wings and its advantages for flight simulation games and VR.


What can you tell us about the SimShaker Wings in general?

That is a mediation software between a supported flight simulator game and Gametrix JetSeat or/and bass-shaker hardware to provide immersing event driven vibration FXs (special effects). SimShaker - Wings takes game telemetry data, analyses the data and generates commands to JetSeat via USB connection or low frequency sounds to bass-shaker's amplifier via a sound card. As it was reported by SimShaker software users such an approach increases immersion up to the next level, and significantly reduces nausea in VR at the same time.

What vibration FX effects, for example, can be felt?

Good question. In aviation the vibration plays a prominent part, there are lot of events that could be felt through vibration. In SimShaker - Wings I've implemented

  • Boosted Engine vibration, 
  • Landing Gear movement, lock and unlock, 
  • Flaps movement or shudders, 
  • Air Brake shudders when the brake is extracted, 
  • Ground Bumps while taxiing and run-out, 
  • Gun Fire, 
  • Payload Discharge, for example when a missile is launched or a bomb dropped, 
  • Chaff/Flare Discharge, 
  • APU/JFS Running on the ground, 
  • Stall buffeting at high AoA values, 
  • Aircraft Damage, 
  • G-Force load sensation,
  • Air to Air Refueling Boom Connect/Disconnect.

Not all the FXs can be felt flying a particular aircraft in a particular game though. It depends on the aircraft capabilities and a set of telemetry data the game exposes for 3rd party developers, like me. Every game has its own unique set of data available. My task is to get as much as possible useful information from the data and generate FXs.

What flightsim games are planned for the future?

The Aerofly FS 2 and IL-2 Cliffs of Dover are in my short list.

I'm looking for the IL-2 Battle of Kuban pit-builders API announced to be implemented, since that would let me to access the game data and include the game in my list.

Are you working on it yourself or how many people are involved?

I'm working on it myself most of all, and get some help from a few active community members.

How long does the development of the FX effect support for one game last?

I've spent several months to make a kind of core software and FXs set for the first game.
Adding support for further games should take much less time, since there is a good base for that. I think a couple of weeks or so to release a viable beta version.

As you may know, sim racing games keeps me busy as well. Hence, actually adding another game support can take more time.

What is the price of this program and where is possible to buy it?

Base SimShaker - Wings software, supporting Gametrix JetSeats, currently costs 1320 rubles, that's about 19 Euro. Support for up to 6 bass-shakers is an option, priced by another 900 rubles, which is about 13 Euro. You can buy a licence in my e-shop at

Happy flying!

I would like to thank you for taking your time to answer these questions and sharing it with our community. I wish you good luck on the next development of SimShaker. :)