It is Official - Gametrix is Now Available in Europe

It is Official - Gametrix is Now Available in Europe

Hey there game lovers,

we have great news for you – the popular Gametrix vibration pads are now officially available in Europe. Considering the fact the gamers around the world cannot imagine themselves without a Gametrix today, we must say that this popular game accessory has without a doubt attracted the global attention, and now we are going to see why!

What is so special about Gametrix?

Before Gametrix was invented, the latest series of computer games were labeled as 100% realistic. And we can all agree that they were indeed. However, one piece was always missing. Apparently, that piece was Gametrix which brought the games on a whole another level of realistic. And not only because Gametrix pads are specially designed for game players and games like World of Tanks, War Thunder, iRacing, and much more, but because it was the right time to all game fans to experience the real adrenaline of newest computer games available.

When using Gametrix, the player can feel the game. These amazing pads make you feel like you are actually in the game. Thanks to the 6 or 8 powerful engines, the player can now experience each aftershock tank, each turbulence on the plane, and every bump in the track. Games will never be the same, now that Gametrix is here to stay! Prepare to discover a new realistic game experience.

The incredible realistic experience is not the only benefit or Gametrix. Thanks to the vibrations, the players can experience relief to their tired muscle and efficient escape from the everyday anxiety and stress. In other words, by playing with Gametrix, you can enjoy your game to the maximum and yet you can feel relaxed and not at all tired.

The vibrating pads KW-901 JETSEAT LIVESENSE and KW-908 JETSEAT TURBOJET are now added to our official online store The installation CD with software is supplied as well as additional instructions in English.